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Slayton Rock
Menlo Man
Progressive Dinner
Tractor Ride
Have some fun.
There aren't any official WPR events scheduled, but you can always find something fun in one of our five small towns. Come on out and take a drive.

And when you do, be sure to sign up for the Scenic Byway Passport program to win some prizes just for exploring our 26-mile byway and other routes across the state. We have some legendary local people who have called our area home and some infamous outlaws that have crossed our path. Good luck collecting them all.

Check out our trading cards and then go to Travel Iowa to learn more about the passport program.


Be sure to check out our Reflections Along the White Pole Road book.  It's available for $25 and makes a great addition to your coffee table. It features a foreword written by Loren Kruse, former Editor-in-Chief of Successful Farming; photography by Timothy C. Florer of Rural Iowa Ruins and Against the Current; and short recollections from older residents as interviewed by area students. 

Visit one of these locations to purchase your books.  You'll save money by buying local.

ADAIR- Rolling Hills Bank & Trust, Exchange State Bank
CASEY- Rolling Hills Bank & Trust
MENLO- Rolling HIlls Bank & Trust
STUART- Rolling Hills Bank & Trust, First State Bank
DEXTER- First State Bank, Drew's Chocolates



This book project was made possible by the Empowering Adair County Foundation, the Guthrie County Community Foundation, West Central Cooperative, Adair and Guthrie County Farm Bureaus and the communities of Adair, Casey, Menlo, Stuart, and Dexter, Iowa. 

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